Fatty acids

Fatty acids«AGROINVEST» company is a trader in the export market of grain and oilseeds crops for European and Asian countries. There are German, Spanish, Polish and Serbian companies among our partners.

We are offering you fatty acids of vegetable oils from the manufacturer, which were produced by a reactive method of splitting soapstocks in amount of 500 tons a month. The product was manufactured according to the European standards of quality, without adding any palm oil or harmful impurities. All the products on offer have passed a strict quality control which can be proved by confirmed documents.

Fatty acid are found useful in the following spheres:

  • production of biodiesel;
  • production of food for domestic animals;
  • addition to paints and polishes;
  • production of greases;
  • soap making;
  • rubber-technical products;
  • lubricating and cooling liquids.

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