The sorgo

The sorgoSorgo is an herbaceous plant of the cereal crops, including more than 30 species. The origin of sorgo is Equatorial Africa, but in ancient times, there were also vast crops of sorgo in China and India. Nowadays sorgo is growing actively worldwide, but in a small quantity. Russia is one of the main suppliers of sorgo for the CIS, the EU and the Middle East.

Sorgo is a spring and warm-season crop, which is able to withstand a short-term drought and a high level of salt in the soil. It takes from 120 to 130 days for crop to reach maturity. It allows growing sorgo in the territory of southern regions of Russia. Sorgo is often sown with leguminous, a sunflower and maize.

Sorgo is used for making flour and starch, which are used for cookery, cosmetology, pharmacy, alcohol and starch industry. Sorgo is rich with carotene, carbohydrates, tannins, proteins and lot of vitamins. The nutritional properties of sorgo are practically make it equal to maize, and some subspecies are even better.


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