The rapeseed

The rapeseedThe rape plant is part of the cabbage family and is used rather frequently. It serves in the production of oil, food products, cosmetics and even pharmaceuticals.

In addition, since the end of last century, seeds of rapeseed began to be used in the biodiesel production and each year the need for this culture is growing. it is interesting to note that scientists have not come to a conclusion as to where the rapeseed originates, prior to its appearance in Europe.

A wild rapeseed can be found in Asia, Europe, North and South America and Africa. In many countries, the concept «rapeseed» includes not only the culture itself but also winter cress, brown mustard and some other oilseeds.

Russia is one of the suppliers of rapeseed in Europe and Asia. On the territory of Russia rapeseed was cultivated as a valuable oilseed from the early XIX century.

The main area of using rape is food industry (the production of oil and direct consumption as food), also as feeding crop for animals and technical (for production of biodiesel, oils, creams and medicines). There are some criterions, which are common for all types of selection. Modern selection variety of rapeseed in Russia is famous for a high yield and protein content, precocity and resistance to drought and diseases.

Rapeseed is primarily used in oil production. It is used in making margarine and other dishes metallurgical engineering, soap boiling, textile and tanning industry. In the last decade due to the rising cost of fossil fuels and the mainstreaming of environment pollution, the production of biodiesel based on vegetable oils, including canola, is becoming more attractive.


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