The millet

Millet is a cereal crop, which is growing worldwide, including the countries of Eastern Europe. Specialists count more than 450 cultivars of millet, but only about 10 cultivars are widespread. Millet is resistant to cold, it’s able to withstand lack of moisture and tolerates high temperatures.

Millet matures from 60 to 120 days.

On a massive scale people grown proso millet, which doesn’t exist in the wild.

Flour is produced from millet. Grain of millet are used in soup and porridge; fodder for fowl in household.

Russia is one of the main millet suppliers for European and Asian markets.

This is one of the oldest cultivated plant in Europe and Asia. The birthplace of crop is the area of the Caucasus. Millet is mainly growing in Central Black Earth Region and the Volga region.
Millet grain is used in medicine for the treatment of diabetes mellitus, pancreatitis, liver disease, hemorrhoids and cystitis. In addition consumption of millet stimulates the blood-forming (hematogenesis); the porridge helps with diseases of the cardiovascular system and hypertension.


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