The oat

The oatOat is perennial and herbaceous plant. There are a few types of oat: seed, fodder, ordinary. The sowing oat is the most popular type. It is grown not only as food but also as fodder crop. Grain of oat is tightly wrapped by leathery floral chaff with a longitudinal groove. There are about 40 kinds of crops referring to the oat, which are grown all around the world.

Oat is able to grow ripe in the climate with a short sunny period from 75 to 120 days. Oat seeds are able to grow out at low temperature and withstand the ground frost. That is why oat is growing in almost all regions in Russia, including the Central and Northern regions.

Oat is harvested by combines.

Oat ear has large multicolored spikelet with a soft husk. As a result, it is simple to cultivate and to receive a clean grain for production.

Oat is very rich with vitamins, microelements, amino acids. In ancient times oat was used in traditional medicine, nowadays oat is industrially using in pharmaceuticals, cosmetics and even cooking. Grain oat contains about 50% of starch, about 7% fat, about 15% protein (with highest percent of healthful elements after buckwheat). Seeds of oat also contain such essential amino acids as lysine and tryptophan, gum, volatile oils, vitamins: B1, B2, B6, carotene and also pantothenic and nicotinic acid. Oat seeds contain potassium, phosphorus, magnesium, iron, manganese, chromium, zinc, fluorine, nickel, iodine, sulfur.


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