Agroinvest. We trade grain and oil crops

Grain exports to EuropeAgroinvest, LLC was founded in 1996. Our company is a team of tight-knit high performers, which have a long experience with the field of international trade. The main branches of activities are purchase and sale grain and oil crops: flax, safflower, buckwheat, mustard, millet, vetch, oat, spelt, chickpea and pea.

For export we use over-the-road truck transport like a semi-trailer truck on the terms DAP or FCA and sea transport from Russian harbors of St. Petersburg and Novorossiysk on the terms FOB, CIF and CFR. Our company are actively develops export to Europe and Southeast Asia.

Our company is properly doing our business. We value our reputation of responsible partner, which is permanently developing striving to correspond the strongest demands our clients. Besides a solid experience in cargo transportation market, our company ensures a high quality of grains, which will be send to clients. We can also guarantee a professional and rapid execution of supporting documents and competitive prices in Russia, countries of CIS and Europe. In addition, our company is profitable for the companies that we work with because Smolensk is near to the border of Belorussia, Ukraine and EU countries. Ordering wholesale you can be sure that grain will be delivered in time.

We actively purchase grain and oil crops in all regions of Russia and also in CIS countries (Belarus, Kazakhstan, Ukraine, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Mongolia, Abkhazia and others). Our company can guarantee an online computation for delivered agricultural products. We will be glad to see among our partners are agricultural producer and suppliers!

Why choose our company?

  • Transportation of grain by over-the-road truck and sea transport

    Our company offers grain export by semi-trailer truck on the terms DAP or FCA and also by sea transport from harbors of St. Petersburg and Novorossiysk on the terms FOB, CIF and CFR.

    Competitive prices

    We are monitoring prices and assortment on the Russian market and keeping our prices low.

    Convenient location

    Our company has a favorable geographic location, which allows sending freights with minimum costs in shortest periods.

  • Solid experience in international trade

    We select optimal conditions of delivery, payment and execution of grain from Russia.

    Solid experience in international trade

    Long relationships with producers, agro-industrial enterprises helps us to send only high-quality agricultural product. At your request, we can provide analysis of grain quality.

    Execution of export documents in for the purchase and shipment of grain.

    Assets Logistics allows us rationally to organize product movement from suppliers to consumers.